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The Advantages of Franchising Advantages of Franchising

As the larger companies continue to downsize and cut budgets, more and more people are forced to look at franchising as a system to create a job, wealth, security and a future for themselves and their families.

A franchise offers many advantages:

In business for yourself, but not by yourself.

International marketing systems and customer generation.

Ongoing research and programme development for a changing market.

International and national advertising funds grow as the network expands.

Build a business, not just a self-employment job.

New Franchisees succeed much more often than independent start-ups.

International, national and local customers mean a growing SME client base.

Franchisees produce higher revenues than manager operated businesses.

Franchisee operators deliver consistently higher quality services.

Building a business you could sell or pass to your children.

Cost benefits; through corporate purchasing, quantity discounts and synergetic networking effects

International and national support and experience exchanges on a personal level

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